Summer Reading FAQ's

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Summer Reading FAQ’s


Q: What books can I read, and do they have to be library books?

A: You can read any books, fiction, non-fiction, audio books, e-books, and magazines. Books do not have to be from the library, and there is no required list of books!


Q: Do I have to live in Townsend to join Summer Reading?

A: Our reading program is open to all Townsend Public Library patrons, regardless of where they live.


Q: Can my child participate in Summer Reading if they can’t read yet?

A: YES! Our program is for all ages and abilities, and we encourage young children to participate and get excited about reading!!! Just keep track of the time that your child is listening to books, and you can collect reading raffle tickets!


Q: What is Wandoo?

A: Wandoo is the name of the website we use for logging summer reading books and minutes read. It’s where you make your summer reading account and log your books!


Q: How do I make an account online? Is it the same as my library card account?

A: Library card accounts are not connected at all to summer reading accounts, BUT it’s easy to make a summer reading account! Just go here for ages 12 and under, and here for ages 13 and up!


Q: Can I use my Wandoo account from last year?

A: Yes, in most cases you can use your online account from last year, or your account from the winter reading program. If you forget your password, look for the link on the Wandoo sign-in page that says “I forgot my password.” It will walk you through the steps to retrieve your password.


Q: Can I make one account for all of the people in my family?

A: Yes, there is a family management portal button located below the main Log In button. To use the family management feature you must create a primary account first by clicking “enter family management portal” and then clicking the link that says “join here.” If you get an error message that an account already exists with your email, please use the “forgot email” link to reset your password, then login. Once you are logged in to the primary management account, you can add members, add and edit reading logs, and view the number of raffle tickets each person has earned.  


Q: What does “Game Difficulty” mean in the kids program registration?

A: Our online reading program, Wandoo, has built in game features! When you register, you will be asked what level of game difficulty you prefer (easy, medium, hard). The levels only apply to the games in the online program, not your reading level! You will earn points and you can level up your character as you read more! You can change the game difficulty at any time in your account settings.


Q: I think I registered for the wrong program! What should I do?

A: The library has two summer reading programs online; children’s and teen/adult. The main difference between the programs is that children log the minutes they read, while teens/adults log the number of books they read. If you think you’ve signed up for the wrong program you can send an email to Molly at please include your first and last name.


Q: I don't have a computer at home, can I still participate?

A: YES! If you do not have access to the internet from home you can still participate. You can register at the library, and keep track of your reading time on paper. Then bring your list to the library and we can help you enter it into your reading log online.


Q: I forget the title of a book I read, what should I do?

A: That’s ok! If you don’t know the title or author just put a few words that describe the book. You can always go back and edit your log if you need to make changes.


Q: Who do I contact if I have more questions or problems?

A: Contact the Townsend Public Library by phone (978) 597-1714 or email Molly at