Library Trustees

Board of Library Trustees     2012 - 2013

Name                        Position                     Term Ends
Patricia Jeanig         Chairman                  April 2013
Cheryl Cloutier         Member                     April 2014
Kimberly King           Member                     April 2015
Alison Bird                Appointed                  April 2013
Karen Waxman        Appointed                  April 2013                

The Townsend Public Library Board of Trustees is comprised of five members, each serving a three-year, staggered term.  All trustees are Townsend residents, are volunteers, and are elected into position.

The Board establishes and oversees policy for the governing of the library.

Monthly trustee meetings are held at the library, and are posted at the town hall and on the library calendar of events.  Board of Trustees meetings are open to the public.