Loan Policies

The fine for late movies is $1.00/day per movie, with a $5.00 maximum fine per item.
3 weeks - All Books (limit of 3 new books)
(limit of 3 of the same subject/non-fiction)
CD's/CD ROM's (limit of 3 for either)
All Audio Books (limit of 3)
Nonfiction videos
1 week - All Videos/DVDs (limit of 3 total)
All Magazines (limit of 3 of a kind)
Borrowed items may be renewed once in person at the library, by phone during library hours (please, no messages on the answering machine), or on-line as long as there are no holds on that item.
These network-wide standard loan policies are used at most C/W MARS member libraries. Due to the size and diversity of C/W MARS, services may vary at member libraries.