Meeting Hall Art Gallery

Townsend Meeting Hall GalleryThe Meeting Hall Gallery is located in the Townsend Meeting Hall, between the Library and Senior Center.

The gallery is home to changing exhibits of artwork and history.

Please check this page often for information about upcoming exhibitions and Calls for Entries.

See the complete list of past, current, and future exhibits in our  2014 Gallery Schedule.


Our Townsend: Fessenden Thru Sterilite

      October 4th, 2014 - January 5th, 2015

 Happy 5th Anniversary to our beautiful Senior Center, Meeting Hall, Library complex!

Currently on display throughout the Meeting Hall Art Gallery and the Townsend

Public Library are images of Townsend's past, present, and future.  A history

from the B. & A.D. Fessenden Co., to the Sterilite Corporation, to the construction

of this building complex, to the gifting of this building complex to the Town of

Townsend. Maps, photos, art, and words tell the story.  













Interested in having a show?



The Meeting Hall Gallery Committee invites applications from artists or groups who are interested in having their own show.  We have the options of the whole building, the main hall only, or the corridor space only.  Please drop in to see our beautiful gallery space. 

Application forms, fee schedule, and information for exhibitors can be found in our  Gallery Policy, which includes information for exhibitors, an application form, and fee schedule.

Forms are also available near the entrance to the Meeting Hall.




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