Book Clubs

The Eclectic Book group (Meets the 3rd Wednesday of every month)

This is a book club for people who love to read everything and anything! Each month we will read a unique or quirky book.... Anything goes!

 Stop by the library and pick up a copy!

September's Selection:  Special Book to Film!! The Meg by Steve Alten (We will have an early start time of 6:00 PM)

October's Selection:  The House in the Dark of the Woods by Laird Hunt 


Slacker Book Group

Slackers is a self service book club and open to all readers. Stop by each month and pick up a copy of the most recent selection.

When: Whenever! Just help yourself to some good reading…no meetings to attend.

Where: Slackers titles are displayed at the beginning of each. If you are interested in sharing your opinions of the book, just fill out a Slackers bookmark comment form, and leave it in the book when you return it.    

Who: For people who don’t want to be committed!

August's Selection is: "The Perfect Nanny" by Leila Slimani

September's Selection is: 


Hall of Presidents Book Club (Meets the first Thursday - every other month)

Join us as we read through the presidents of the United States! The idea is to not only learn a few things, but to get a deeper understanding the role the presidency has played in this nation's history!

October's Selection is:  "James A. Garfield"  by Ira Rutkow Meeting Date is

Thursday October 3rd @ 7:30 PM



Pages & Pastries Teen Book Club with Miss Elise

(Meets the second Friday this month @ 4:00 PM  - Teen Room) - Friday, August 2

This month: We Rule the Night by Clara Eliza Bartlett

Served with 


Romance Readers Book Group: The Lighter Side of Romance (Meets the first Thursday - every other month)

The next meeting is September 

Come and join us for a comfortable hour visiting and chatting about our light-hearted romance stories - both contemporary and historical. Now meeting every other month. We will be discussing the final two adverturers book in the quartet by 

The Senior Center Book Group (Meets the 2rd Wednesday of every month @ 1:00 PM)

 Stop by the library and pick up a copy!

September's Selection is: Everything Here is Beautiful by Mira T. Lee

October's Selection: The Library Book by Susan Orlean



NEW!!!  Cooks Book Club (Meets every other month) - Next Meeting is Tuesday October 29th @ 6:30pm

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This is a book club for people who love to cook!!! 

 Stop by the library and pick up a copy of "Salt Fat Acid Heat" by Samin Nosrat

How to Register:

1. Pick up a copy of this month’s cookbook at the library.

2. Choose one recipe from the cookbook and email the name of it to Elise at:

3. Bring the completed dish to the library on the meeting night noted above and we will share our recipes, thoughts about the cookbook and the food!

4. Questions? Please contact Elise by email or phone 978-597-1714



Book vs. Movie Book to Film - TBA